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A gathering of creators of live immersive, interactive and playable experiences to meet,
exchange knowledge and foster new collaborations and connections. 

21st October 2024 – Woolwich Works, London

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Our mission is to support the growth of the

UK’s immersive entertainment sector by fostering a
supportive, collaborative community of creators, and
supporting them with resources and research.

Latest Articles, Events and Reserch

Creating Peaky Blinders: The Rise

“Immersive theatre is a playground for audiences and characters to connect” – this is the philosophy behind Rebecca Brower and Tom Maller, the creative minds of “Peaky Blinders: The Rise.” They take us from the conception to the execution of staging, design, and interactive storytelling, which immerses the audience in

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Tom Maller presenting at the Live Immersive Design Symposium in October 2023

How can we make immersive work more sustainable?

“I think our superpower in this sector, regardless of the kind of immersive or interactive work that we make, is effect. And I think our ability to put people in other people’s shoes or perspectives and to generate empathy and to generate transformation, which is at the heart of what

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Paddy Dillon at the Live Immersive Design Symposium

Technical Design for Immersive Experiences

“When people who come from a theatre background come into it, the one thing they find really difficult is that there’s no script and certainly from the lighting and sound point of view, they keep kind of going ‘how are you meant to design if you haven’t got a script?’”

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Technical Designers discuss at the Live Immersive Design Symposium


We will create and publish resources to aid the marketing of immersive experiences. We will create educational content for 
creators to aid the development and commercial success of 
new work.


We are creating an online directory and community networking space that includes searchable profiles for creators and portfolios of work, along with hosting live events for networking, knowledge sharing and fostering new collaborations.


We will commission and publish commercial research on the growth of the live immersive experience sector

We will seek funding & partnerships to support sector growth
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