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Access 101: Making Work For and With LDA People

Access All Areas have been making immersive performances with learning disabled and autistic (LDA) performers from our home in East London and nationally since 2013. Access All Areas are a company of 22 associate artists (LDA artists) who have all undergone a 2-year Performance Making diploma programme at the Royal

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An artist looking through two coloured lenses as part of Access All Areas show "I Queue Hear" Ambient Image

Business 101: Funding Your Experiences

There is no shortage of great ideas. The thing that counts though, is making them happen. This is what differentiates a “wantrepreneur” from a successful and stable business owner. And in these turbulent times, when funding seems incredibly hard to find, possibly the most important part of running an immersive

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Making Immersive: Playability and Gaming in Immersive Experiences

We’re joined by Katie Day, Arlo Howard and Chloe Mashiter – exploring how playability and gaming intersects in immersive contexts to offer a deep experience for audiences. We discuss how generating playable mechanics form part of the creative process, the importance of playtesting mechanics before experiences come to life and

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Huddle 5

Huddle 5 was our first huddle of 2024. Taking on board the feedback from previous huddles we setup a new informal format with a focus on networking and giving people time and space to meet new collaborators and partners. We also introduced a new ‘Ask the Community’ section – where

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Huddle 5

Making Immersive: Working with Venues, Part Two

In the second part of our working with Venues theme, we explore the processes involved in setting up a space for immersive experiences – from business rates and running costs to grumpy neighbours. In this episode, Dr Joanna Bucknall chats with David Ralf, Tom Black and Joe Ball about programming

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Venues 101 Part Two: Planning and Licensing

Putting on a show in a licensed venue is pretty straightforward with no legal stuff to worry about because the venue has sorted it all out for you. They should have all the relevant licences and permissions to put on events, and already be designed in such a way that

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Ambient Image of a man with a microphone in an immersive performance

Spotlight on: Larp

Joining a larp for the first time So, you’re an experienced live immersive experience professional, and you’ve heard that larps are similar to interactive theatre and wondered whether you should get involved with those as well. Larps (live action role-play events) have some important differences to interactive theatre, though there’s

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A Larp procession of hooded participants, ambient image

Making Immersive: Creating Audience Journeys

A huge feature of immersive experiences is the intense sensory experience and different routes that participants can take through physical spaces – from the complex architecture of shaping narrative and agency to creating worlds with audience experience in mind, making this work is a multifaceted process for creatives and production.

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Creating Audience Journeys Hero Image

Making Immersive: Working with Venues, Part One

Immersive Experiences often take place in non traditional cultural venues and finding a space that fits can pose a real challenge for makers and producers. In this episode we’re talking to Will Ma and Andy Barnes about all things venues, from finding them to making sure they’re safe and legal to

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Working with venues part 1 hero image

Venues 101: Part One, Finding your venue

So you have an idea for an immersive show or you’re looking for a space to incubate something new – but how do you go about finding a venue and making it ready to get audiences through the doors?There are a few different avenues you can go down when looking

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Experience: Common Wealth

Off the Curriculum, Knowledge Library  Common Wealth are based in Bradford and Cardiff and work across the UK and internationally. We’re called Common Wealth, 2 words, because we believe in the wealth of being Common, of being poor. Working class people are often told they live in ‘deprived areas’ but

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Common Wealth Immersive Experience. A woman sits in a booth holding a light and surrounded by a circle of rainbow coloured lights
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