Soph Shaw presenting at the Live Immersive Design Symposium in October 2023

Wake the Tiger: How unconventional design journeys can create magic

“You don’t need to wait for the perfect situation to take on that new project. While your design journey may be unconventional, if you remain adaptable, attentive, and willing to adjust along the way, you might discover something far more extraordinary than you ever envisioned.”

Soph Shaw from Wake The Tiger provides an insightful look into the creation of the world’s first Amazement Park, highlighting the challenges and successes of building a transformative space that inspires connections and discovery. Through a narrative woven with the difficulties of designing during a pandemic, community engagement, and the evolution of the park’s thematic focus on environmental awareness, Shaw reveals how unconventional design journeys can indeed create magic. With the incorporation of fungi trails and interactive elements, Wake The Tiger emerges as a testament to the power of creativity in crafting experiences that engage, educate, and entertain across all ages. Shaw’s talk underlines the significance of adaptability, community input, and the pursuit of meaningful messages in the realm of immersive experience creation.

This talk was recorded at the Immersive Experience Network’s Live Immersive Design Symposium in October 2023, and is supported by Arts Council England and our industry partners Illusion Design & Construct, Mance Communications, White Light, Unlocked Vision, Clockwork Dog, d&b audiotechnik, Scene2, Little Lion Entertainment, Entourage, and Vista Insurance.

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