Technical Designers discuss at the Live Immersive Design Symposium

Technical Design for Immersive Experiences

“When people who come from a theatre background come into it, the one thing they find really difficult is that there’s no script and certainly from the lighting and sound point of view, they keep kind of going ‘how are you meant to design if you haven’t got a script?’”

Join Lighting Designer Adam Povey, Sound Designer at Autograph Sound Luke Swaffield, Freelance Sound Designer Emmet O’Donnell and Seb Blaber, Lighting Designer and Theme Park practitioner of Unlocked Vision as they discuss Technical Design for Immersive with host Andy Barnes of IEN. The speakers use their extensive experience to provide reflections and tips for new workers in the Immersive space. 

The panel go into the major differences between Immersive and traditional theatre, including both the challenges and opportunities that arise from a shift to Immersive. They discuss different approaches to preparing for unscripted shows and scheduling challenges, focusing on the lighting and sound design decisions that are required. Adam goes into how best to start one’s own Immersive production, and is joined by Luke in raising the issue of diversity in the Immersive technical space, and how to ensure an inclusive and equitable industry. Luke and Seb trade tips on prioritisation in a production, and how best to break down large challenges into more palatable processes. The panel then respond to questions from the floor. 

This talk was recorded at the Immersive Experience Network’s Live Immersive Design Symposium in October 2023, and is supported by Arts Council England and our industry partners Illusion Design & Construct, Mance Communications, White Light, Unlocked Vision, Clockwork Dog, d&b audiotechnik, Scene2, Little Lion Entertainment, Entourage, and Vista Insurance.

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