Photo of Marie Klimis presenting at the Live Immersive Design Symposium in October 2023

Coney: Immersive theatre in public spaces & leveraging affordable tech

Watch Coney’s talk from the Live Immersive Design Symposium on YouTube now.

“We create work with the people of a place to make sure those experiences are unique. We rarely come with an idea. We come to a place, meet its people, and then we co-create the work together. Co-creation is really at the heart of everything we do.”

In this talk from Coney Senior Producer Marie Klimis and Producer Emily Davis, get a deep dive into Coney’s approach to creating playful, change-driven, interactive theatre. They discuss how they use technology to enhance their site-specific smartphone adventures, showcasing a few of their projects including The Golden Key, created in partnership with the City of London, and 1884, as well as associated projects including Ghost Walk (Poltergeist Theatre).

Capturing ideas for a broad audience, the talk suggests entry ways into creating smartphone adventures that don’t require extensive knowledge of programming, or a significant programming budget. Marie and Emily also share their learnings on how to make these experiences accessible.

This talk was recorded at the Immersive Experience Network’s Live Immersive Design Symposium in October 2023, and is supported by Arts Council England and our industry partners Illusion Design & Construct, Mance Communications, White Light, Unlocked Vision, Clockwork Dog, d&b audiotechnik, Scene2, Little Lion Entertainment, Entourage, and Vista Insurance.

Date of article - July 3, 2024
Updated - July 1, 2024
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