Photo of Robyn Landau presenting at the Live Immersive Design Symposium in October 2023

Robyn Landau: Neuroaesthetics and Immersive Experience Design

“We’ve all had our own experiences here in this room about being in a room, going to an immersive experience, hearing a powerful piece of music and having that change how you feel and ultimately we look at what happens in your brain and your body when you’re going through these experiences and ultimately how that affects your actions and your behaviors and your feelings.”

Robyn Landau is the co-founder of Kinda Studios, a neuroaesthetics studio which uses neuroscience to demonstrate the impact of art on human connection and wellbeing.

Talking about her previous work, particularly her collaborations with the National Gallery, ITV and Kia, Robyn expresses how a scientific insight into the body’s physical responses can be used to create stronger immersive experiences. In particular, those that create a more meaningful and lasting sense of connection to the places and people around us.

In particular, Robyn looks at what we can learn from the calming effects of nature, and how we can bring that into our work. She also talks about the science behind the emotion of ‘awe’ and how that brings a sense of connectedness to us. With a rich scientific knowledge, this talk promises to explain how science is an under-explored, but incredibly rich source of creative insight; one that we should be looking to in order to engineer emotional and profound experiences.

This talk was recorded at the Immersive Experience Network’s Live Immersive Design Symposium in October 2023, and is supported by Arts Council England and our industry partners Illusion Design & Construct, Mance Communications, White Light, Unlocked Vision, Clockwork Dog, d&b audiotechnik, Scene2, Little Lion Entertainment, Entourage, and Vista Insurance.

Date of article - June 18, 2024
Updated - June 21, 2024
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