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Huddle 1 – Writing* for Immersive Experiences

Huddle 1 – Bridewell Theatre – 20th February 2023

We’re really proud to publish our first Huddle content from our session on Writing for Immersive Experiences. In addition to the videos on YouTube, we’ll also be publishing the audio on the Talking about Immersive Theatre (TAIT) podcast hosted by Dr Joanna Bucknall.

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Writing* for Immersive Theatre

Owen Kingston

Owen discusses Parabolic Theatre’s approach to writing immersive stories, including the different types of interactive and immersive theatre experiences, how to use traditional story structure to pace a show and keep the audience at the heart of a story, and how their writing tangibly incorporates audience decision-making into the experience of a show.

Creating Tools for Play: Writing* for Larp

Chloe Mashiter

Chloe explores the spectrum of LARPwriting, looking at the focus on character creation and world-building in collaborative storytelling, compared to directed immersive experiences. Chloe presents examples of structured roleplay experiences where players may be given a very specific framework to inhabit, to freeform LARPs where a looser framework encourages more experimentation.

Narrative Design for the Self-Conscious: Writing* for AR

Rob Morgan

Rob makes the case for encouraging the self-consciousness of an audience member to be part of the way they participate in an AR or XR immersive experience. He discusses how writing AR looks at ways to put the audience and their instinctive behaviour at the centre of a story rather than building a world around them without considering their role in it.

Q&A Session

Date of article - March 28, 2023
Updated - May 6, 2024
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