Huddle 6

Monday, 20th May 2024
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Community Launches for Immersive Experience Creators
Huddle 6 - Immersive Creators Networking

Huddle 6

Hot on the heels of our first huddle of 2024 where we had over 100 immersive creators join us, we’re excited to continue to provide opportunities for immersive creators to meet and meaningfully connect with each other.

We’re going to be doing more structured networking to help introduce people to each other and help kick off new collaborations and partnerships. We’ll also be continuing with our ‘Ask the Community’ segment where we invite the community to provide insights and solutions to questions submitted throughout the evening. 

Also in this Huddle, we’re inviting Mark Lofthouse from Neon Skull to chat to us about the Scare Attractions and themed entertainment sectors and give us some inspiration and insights that could be useful to people working in other immersive genres. 

We’ve kept the ticket price very low and placed you all at the heart of the content. So if you’re looking for a sound board, new team members, specialists, collaborators, partners or simply some like-minded friends, please join us! 

20.05.2024Temple of Art and Music, Mercato Metropolitano, 42 Newington Causeway, London SE1 6DR
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