Huddle 6

Networking & Social for Immersive Creators

Monday, 20th May 2024
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Huddle 5
Huddle 6 - Networking & Social for Immersive Creators

Huddle 6


Hot on the heels of our first huddle of 2024 where we had over 100 immersive creators join us, we’re excited to continue to provide opportunities for immersive creators to meet and meaningfully connect with each other.

We’re going to be doing more structured networking to help introduce people to each other and help kick off new collaborations and partnerships. We’ll also be continuing with our ‘Ask the Community’ segment where we invite the community to provide insights and solutions to questions submitted throughout the evening. 

Also in this Huddle, we’re inviting Mark Lofthouse from Neon Skull to chat to us about the Scare Attractions and themed entertainment sectors and give us some inspiration and insights that could be useful to people working in other immersive genres. 

We’ve kept the ticket price very low and placed you all at the heart of the content. So if you’re looking for a sound board, new team members, specialists, collaborators, partners or simply some like-minded friends, please join us! 


Temple of Art and Music, Mercato Metropolitano, 42 Newington Causeway, London SE1 6DR
Huddle 6 - Networking & Social for Immersive Creators
Supported by the Lead to Engage Program


  • Mark Lofthouse

    Mark Lofthouse brings over 16 years of experience to the themed entertainment industry. Beginning his career as a scare actor, he has worked in various roles involving ideation, operation, and marketing of theme park attractions and immersive walkthrough experiences.

    He has contributed to over 140 separate scare mazes, rides, walkthroughs, activations and seasonal events. Now, as a Creative Director, Mark works with theme parks, venues, and private investors, creating engaging and interactive experiences across a broad range of mediums.

    His passion for all things related to theme parks, immersive environments, and entertainment drives him to centre the audience in every experience, enhancing their emotional connections and ensuring they leave with lasting memories.

    Huddle 6 - Networking & Social for Immersive Creators

Huddle FAQs

Can my company sponsor a Huddle?

Absolutely! Contact us at and we’d love to chat it through with you.

I need to update my ticket

Drop us an email at and we’ll see what we can do.

Who are concession tickets for?

The Immersive Experience Network’s purpose is encourage and share knowledge with creators at all stages of their career, from all backgrounds and during whatever life is currently throwing at you.

Thanks to our supporters helping underwrite our Huddles, the concession rate tickets are for anyone for whom the full price might be a barrier for them to participate. If that’s you then just choose the concession ticket at check out and we’ll look forward to seeing you at the Huddle.

Who are these events for?

Our Huddle events are opportunities for creators of immersive work to come together to network and learn from one another’s experience. They are open to everyone and we usually have a mix of people at different career stages, working across the commercial, academic and subsidised sectors.

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