Photo of people at our Immersive creator Huddle at Alcotraz

Huddle 2 – Networking Workshop & Social

On Monday 24th April, nearly 100 creators, producers, performers and makers joined us at Alcotraz, Hackney, for an evening of workshop activities and networking. Attendees were convicted of crimes against Immersive, kitted out in orange jumpsuits, and sent to their cells, to meet new peers and share ideas for projects and productions. After a series of icebreaking and creative activities, the participants were free to roam and network around the cell blocks. Our event partner, The Flash Pack, captured inmate mugshots and provided personalised audience content after the evening.

Thank you to those of you who joined us there, to Alcotraz and the cast for hosting us, and to all our industry supporters for making the event possible! See you at the next one!

Date of article - April 26, 2023
Updated - February 25, 2024
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